Hoffman Kelly’s primary focus is on attracting, training and retaining the very best people.

Our emphasis on extensive training and development ensures our team remains at the absolute cutting edge in terms of business structuring* and the development of tailored solutions to legitimately minimise clients exposure to business, investment and personal tax while protecting their private equity from trading risk.

We are always available to answer queries and take a proactive approach, including regular client meetings, to provide ongoing advice and recommendations to ensure continual improvement to structures and processes.

We work with you, your bookeeper (or one of ours) to ensure the most appropriate and cost effective allocation of resources.

see ‘Optimal Structuring‘ page or click here to see our HK Structuring Feature Article with examples and case study.

Contact us now to see how we can help?

We are pleased to offer an initial (no obligation) consultation in which we review existing structures & processes and provide recommendations to enhance and optimise tax outcomes, asset protection