You have an idea, it’s a brilliant one.
Where do you start?

There is excitement, there is fear, there is empowerment and then there is the overwhelming sense of the unknown. Hoffman Kelly will provide you with the confidence you need to take those first steps to run your own business.

We can assist you with all aspects of the business environmental analysis and devise a strategy that is right for your organisation which will save you a LOT of headaches as you grow.

You Start

A new business needs to ensure that it has the correct operating structure – whether this is a company, trust, partnership or sole trader. These early decisions can have long lasting impacts.

Talk to our team to make sure you take into account taxation strategies, asset protection, grants claims – all of which may be issues for much further down the road, but it is critical to get this right at the inception of the business.

Ingredients for Success

Studies show there are 4 key ingredients to success for new ventures;

A great TEAM

A large MARKET Size

The NEED you meet being very clear

And TRACTION to demonstrate you are on the right track

Ensure you are mindful of what you need at each next stage of your growth.

At Hoffman Kelly we work with you through each of these stages to give you as much or as little support as you need.

Having a Plan

Now you have the right ingredients, you really need a recipe to bake this business well!

Many businesses starting out just “suck it and see”, but most successful businesses prepare a budget against which to review their performance.

A plan also needs to include a clear understanding of the customers, competitors and the market you plan to go into.
The areas we can support you in are the following. We can provide benchmarking, competitive research and help you set Key Performance Indicators.

Market Research

Business Plan

Business Funding

Business structure

And perhaps most importantly ALL of this needs to be funded. Your goals may differ, but all businesses need to be profitable. We can help you ensure sufficient capital is available at the outset to cover initial expenses before the business starts generating cash itself.

Any business needs to be sufficiently profitable to cover their own cost of operating so they are not a drain on your personal funding. And typically you have a plan that wants profits that are sufficient to fund the founder or shareholders to achieve the lifestyle being sought.

Let’s Chat

Every business is a little different. Thankfully many have common elements.
Let us chat with you to find where our experience and your vision can come together.

Contact us now to see how we can help?

Contact us to arrange an initial consultation in which we review existing structures and processes, and provide recommendations to enhance and optimise tax outcomes, asset protection and succession planning.