You may have heard the term, business advisor, as it is referred to in many contexts. So what is a business advisor? What do they do and does your business need one?

What is a business advisor?

A business advisor is a trusted advisor to a business who works side by side with business owners to help them achieve success. A business advisor has a unique relationship with clients as well as they have an intimate understanding of the business. They have the ability to provide an outside or alternate view on matters that might otherwise not be considered by those working within the business. Business advisors work with all types of businesses and all stages in the business lifecycle.

What does a business advisor do?

Business advisors play a vital role in a business,
providing information, ideas, and expert knowledge on how to run the business more effectively or help owners or managers tackle particular challenges or opportunities during the lifecycle of the business. Business advisors work very closely with the internal team on a wide range of matters including strategy, performance and efficiency, growth, and succession, just to name a few. Ultimately, business advisors are there to support business owners in making decisions in their businesses by providing expert knowledge, analysis, and fresh ideas.

Do you need one?

Well… yes! The truth is that business owners are often very busy running the everyday operations of their businesses and may not have the time or expertise to position the business to achieves their ultimate goal. It is a matter of practicality and cost. Business advisors help identify problems and opportunities that might otherwise have gone unnoticed. They provide expert knowledge on a particular business challenge. Either way, a business advisors’ role is to allow business owners to make well-informed decisions to achieve success. Most businesses could use a business advisor at some point in their business lifecycle.