Any entity which supplies services to individuals on credit or defers payment for the services for at least seven days will be a ‘credit provider’ and must comply with the credit reporting provisions of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

In providing our services to you, we may become aware of credit related information.  This may occur by you directly providing us the information, or by us contacting third parties (for example the ATO or your bank).  Normally these third parties will not provide us information unless you have consented for them to do so, however upon us being engaged as tax agents, we will be able to access your ATO payment history.

We do not disclose credit information to credit reporting bodies (such as Veda).  We also do not usually seek information from credit reporting agencies.  However, if we do seek such information, our use of this information is restricted to assessing applications for credit with Hoffman Kelly.  We would not disclose details of the report to anyone else, and would destroy the report 12 months after it was received.

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