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In the last 5 years, Hoffman Kelly has cemented a reputation for valuing our people as well as our clients. Today we have a team of over 40, the personalised client relationships of a small firm, and the working capability of a large firm. For new graduates and experienced accountants alike, this is a place to grow and learn. We live and breathe our culture and values, focusing on our greatest asset: You.


With one of the youngest teams in accounting, we believe in: A work/life balance because we know there’s more to life. A clear path of progression so you can envision your next step. A culture of inclusivity for a rich office environment. Ongoing study support to build your skills and grow in your role. Our fast-tracked training program so you are able to begin your client-facing journey sooner. Professional and personal development focused to build on your skills and personal brand. Transparent bonus structure to help you always achieve and earn your best.

At Hoffman Kelly, we are always hiring the best and brightest with an emphasis on developing your career and skills. Our team delivers continued outstanding results because reward and recognition are central to our culture.

“Our people and culture at its heart is what sets us apart”

Michael Kerwin, Managing Director

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We thrive on our culture, live our values, and love our team. And we’re always looking to grow.

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