If you’re looking for reliable and professional advice regarding accounting, taxation, superannuation, and other financial issues, consider working with or connecting with an experienced and dedicated business service provider. Hoffman Kelly’s business advice Brisbane can be helpful for a variety of companies and individuals. The team assists small and medium businesses, employees, and corporate executives to solve problems, grow, and prosper. Read on to learn why Hoffman Kelly is the best place to go when you need business advice.

SME Business Advisory

In general, small and medium businesses are considered those with fewer than 20 employees and are starting to grow organically. The major challenges at this point in a business’s life include managing growth, employing the right team, or looking to expand their products or service offerings.

Hoffman Kelly’s track record and experience mean that they can provide solid business advice Brisbane for small and medium businesses. Whether the client’s business has just started or is going through growth, Hoffman Kelly can give tailored advice to help them achieve their aspirations.

Optimal Structuring

Hoffman Kelly believes that getting the trading structure right is critical to any business. The business advice Brisbane provides limited liability protection, asset protection, tax minimization, and succession flexibility.

Property Development

Hoffman Kelly also provides solid business advice Brisbane regarding property and construction. All the company’s directors have expert knowledge and experience, allowing them to service clients from small mom-and-pop businesses to larger full-scale property developers.

Accounting for Legal Practices

If you work or operate a legal practice, you will most likely have a wide array of basic accounting

Requirements. Hoffman Kelly specializes in accounting services. These include preparation of financial statements, preparation and lodgement of income tax returns, lodgement of BAS, and external examination (audits) of trust records.


Superannuation may be tax-effective, but it is complicated. However, Hoffman Kelly works to help clients with everything related to their superannuation. Those services include establishing and self-managed the super, preparing tax information, auditing accounts, and more.

Financial Planning

Clients of Hoffman Kelly have a unique opportunity to take a holistic approach to plan their financial arrangements. The business advice Brisbane covers everything from accounting to taxation, superannuation, retirement, and insurance.

Hoffman Kelly is ideally placed to provide the best possible service to clients with a variety of services in all the above areas. They’re also happy to provide clients with a referral to a trusted planning partner or work with their client’s existing partners.