Director Identification Numbers – big brother is watching!!

As part of the federal government’s ‘Modernising Business Registers’ program announced in the 2020 Federal Budget, the ATO has recently released the first documentation for the implementation of Director Identification Numbers. Referred to as “Corporations Director Identification Number Data Standard 2021”, the aim of the program is to ensure that all company directors are identified [...]

Director Identification Numbers – big brother is watching!!2021-07-15T10:15:26+10:00

2021 Tax Planning Opportunities

The 30 June deadline approaches quickly every year, and it is important for business owners to review their annual tax figures and look at tax saving options before they miss the limited window of opportunity.  As your trusted advisor, we can promote strategies to maximise cash-flow, minimise tax and comply with regulatory requirements.  These [...]

2021 Tax Planning Opportunities2021-05-18T21:34:46+10:00

Allocation of Professional Firm Profits

Overview The ATO released new draft guidance relating to the allocation of professional firm profits on 1 March 2021.  The Draft Practical Compliance Guideline PCG 2021/D2 (the Draft PCG) explains how the ATO intends to assess the tax risk of individual professionals who operate professional practices and how they will allocate their compliance resources [...]

Allocation of Professional Firm Profits2021-04-19T13:53:49+10:00

Superannuation Guarantee Rate Increase

Superannuation Guarantee Rate Increases from 1 July 2021: Revisiting the Superannuation Guarantee Rules and What to do Next Under Australia’s current legislation, employers are required to pay 9.5% of an employee’s ordinary time earnings into a complying superannuation fund. In recent years, there have been concerns that employees will have an insufficient level of [...]

Superannuation Guarantee Rate Increase2021-04-06T09:28:23+10:00

How Hoffman Kelly can Help You

Are you getting the business advisory and accounting services you need and deserve? At Hoffman Kelly – the ultimate Chartered Accounting firm in Stones Corner, Brisbane – our highly professional team can help you achieve the outcomes you desire. We provide a comprehensive management consulting and accounting service to our clients: small and medium [...]

How Hoffman Kelly can Help You2021-07-21T16:02:30+10:00

Get your Business Finances in Check for 2021 – Here’s How

2020 was a really tough year with plenty of speed bumps, but now is the time to move forward and lay the financial groundwork for a better 2021. Reconsidering business plans that have been affected during such uncertain times is crucial for business growth and to help cash flow. To make it happen, the number [...]

Get your Business Finances in Check for 2021 – Here’s How2021-02-19T10:26:02+10:00

Why Regular Training & Professional Development is Important for Your Business

Without a shadow of a doubt, to retain good staff, every business advisory firm will suggest providing training and professional advancement so employees can succeed in their jobs. Hoffman Kelly, one of the best business advisory and consulting firms in Brisbane and the surrounding area, offers the ultimate in services, including staff development. If employees [...]

Why Regular Training & Professional Development is Important for Your Business2021-02-19T10:23:52+10:00

How does my business advisor help with optimal structuring?

Your trusted business advisor is key to ensuring that your business is structured correctly, based on your specific, current needs and future objectives. Optimal structuring means that your business is structured to set you up for success, while managing and mitigating risks where possible. Asset protection is the number one consideration that an experienced business [...]

How does my business advisor help with optimal structuring?2021-02-19T10:16:47+10:00

Welcome To Hoffman Kelly

Welcome to Hoffman Kelly, the ultimate consulting firm in Stones Corner, Brisbane and the surrounding area. As one of the best, it goes without saying that the company offers the most professional business advisory and accounting services. Their expertise covers companies, partnerships, small and medium businesses, trusts, individuals, and self-managed superannuation funds. Main services include: [...]

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Downsizer Contributions

Downsizer Contributions – Get more into super when you sell your home! From 1 July 2018 the ATO introduced the downsizer superannuation contribution. For people who are 65 years or older and meet the eligibility criteria, you can choose to make a contribution up to a maximum of $300,000 (each) into your superannuation from the [...]

Downsizer Contributions2021-01-21T13:28:15+10:00
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