As of the 28th of September 2018, Xero will be changing the pricing of their subscriptions for all existing and new subscribers.

These changes will be from Premium 5 to Premium 100 and will include additional features and improvements in payroll.

If you are currently on the Starter or Standard subscription, you will not be affected by the upcoming price change. However, the Standard subscription will now cover payroll for two employees instead of one, at no extra cost.

As Hoffman Kelly are a Platinum Partner of Xero, we are able to offer you a 30% discount off your subscription costs each month if the file is to be held by Hoffman Kelly. This means Hoffman Kelly will pay the subscription fee on a monthly basis (with a 30% discount applying) and the cost will be passed on to you directly on a regular basis throughout the year. If you are an existing Xero user and would like to take up this offer, your subscription can be transferred to Hoffman Kelly.

Below is a table showing current plans and prices and new prices that will apply from 28/09/2018:

Starter $25 $25 $17.50
Standard $50 $50 $35.00
Premium 5 $60 $65 $40.50
Premium 10 $70 $75 $52.50
Premium 20 $80 $90 $63.00
Premium 50 $90 $125 $87.50
Premium 100 $100 $150 $105.00

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Emma-Jayne Hagley on 07 3394 2311.