Getting the trading structure right is absolutely critical to any business.

The consequences of trading through an inappropriate structure can be fatal to both the business and the fundamental financial security of the family.

There are four fundamental objectives required to achieve the optimal trading structure for any business owner, namely;

  • ‘Limited Liability’ protection – the ability to ‘walk away’ from unsecured creditors in the event of insolvency,
  • ‘Asset Protection’ – protection of all private equity, including the family home, from trading risk
  • Tax Minimisation –  ensure all deductions claimed and maximum flexibility in distributing net profit to low income beneficiaries
  • Succession Flexibility – maximum options and minimal tax outcomes when selling, listing or transitioning to next generation

Achieving ALL of these objectives is critical.  If any of these elements are missing it is likely that the wealth of the family will be at risk, the business will pay more tax than it should and business succession options will be limited and expensive.   Further, the last three objectives are essential to optimal (passive) investment structuring.

We spend a very significant amount of time and financial resources on ensuring that all of our professional staff are at the absolute cutting edge in terms of business and investment structuring and emerging issues and opportunities.  We believe this investment in knowledge combined with the exceptional quality of our team differentiates us from our peers.

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