Hoffman Kelly provides business advisory services with a single goal – to help you! We are dedicated to assisting organisations manage and reduce risks associated with navigating change. Our team of specialists pride themselves on delivering innovation with integrity and adding real value to the businesses we work with.

Business advisory services are often sought when we WANT to change, or are looking for help because the business NEEDS to change, and a guiding hand from a trusted advisor can be invaluable to leadership.

Change for an organisation can be encountered in a number of ways; some of these are initiated by the business to achieve new goals or open new markets, while other changes can be reactive and forced upon a business. Our team works with yours to monitor, analyse and respond to the forces of change and to anticipate the impacts with confidence.

Growth Rates and Size Matters

Businesses at various stages of their life cycle are affected by change differently. Our tailored approach ensures that  our advisory services adjust accordingly.

Our team gathers insights from you and your business and are able to apply their strong technical knowledge to analyse your business performance and identify your specific issues, and create solutions that work.

Covid Funk

If you have found yourself stuck in amongst the crowd throughout 2020 like many other business this is the chance to establish a new foundation for a strong 2021 recovery.

In A Rut

During this phase you continue to see growth at a reduced rate. With limited internal resources an advisor can help you analyse and understand the current business climate and provide insight into a new market approach or business structure without exhausting your funds.

Rapid Success

At this stage your business has proven meet the needs of. As your business booms sales your need for capital and ensuring a sustainable future becomes a priority.

Working alongside technical and financial specialists can assist you in making structure changes.

Our Process to reliably improve your business performance

With our adaptable methodology, we develop tailored solutions for you and your business that are targeted, process-centred and easy to follow with the purpose of maximising business value and refining the structure of a business.
By working alongside your business we identify and build an understanding of options to grow rapidly, how to scale resources and delegate responsibilities effectively.

Helping you to assess where the value lies in your products and the ideal customers for each is also a key outcome of our work together. We can analyse your sales and the market to identify untapped opportunities or any areas of concern.

Our Process Explained

Outcomes of this Process

Working together to implement the appropriate changes for your specific business will give you the confidence that your issues will be fixed and that value will be added to your business. Depending on your unique problems we will propose and implement original solutions to improve business performance. Some of our more popular solutions are listed below; however, this is not an exhaustive list. We work with you to determine the processes and frameworks we should apply to help your business best.

  • Strategic business planning

  • Forecasting/projections/budgets

  • Virtual CFO

  • Organisational structure/review of staff responsibilities/position descriptions/authority chains

  • Developing appropriate and strong KPIs to drive success

  • Profit improvement strategies

  • Cost structure reviews and improvement

  • Business evaluation – systems review and process engineering

  • Business value proposition

  • Financial performance benchmarking

  • Transferable process efficiency

  • Business Sustainability/viability

  • Business Structure analysis

  • Business coaching

  • Turnover analysis and improvement

  • Profitability improvement

  • Review of cash flow issues and implementing improvements to working capital management

If an issue is highlighted that we are not in a position to fix, we say so – we don’t push inappropriate solutions on our clients, but work with a number of other professional services firms who can address different problems. Ultimately we will work towards the best overall outcome for your business.

Benefits of using a Business Advisory firm

Achieving your business goals is crucial for business growth and we know that having a business advisor eliminates the potential for excessive use of your most valuable resources.

Our emphasis on ensuring that all of our professional staff are at the cutting edge in terms of business and investment structuring and emerging issues means that not only are we equipped to navigate business improvement but as a team we provide a technically diverse background.

Developing a “fit for purpose” business structure

Hoffman Kelly challenges the status quo by utilising the latest appropriate advances allowing the creation of solutions to be ahead of the game rather than reactive to change. By exercising curiosity and innovation we tailor our actionable responses based on the outcomes of conceptual client meetings. Focusing on the below elements we ensure clear and understandable client communication.

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