As a part of the ATO’s move to more online services, from 1st of July 2014 once an activity statement is lodged through an electronic channel they will no longer issue paper activity statements.

Some clients however may be excluded from this change and will continue to receive paper activity statements. Clients that may be excluded from this change are those whose activity statements are consistently lodged by paper for monthly periods and electronically for quarterly periods. Clients will need to have their activity statement lodgement up to date to be excluded from the change.

The ATO recommends clients to consider lodging monthly activity statements electronically and they will be reviewing those who continue to receive paper activity statements to determine a suitable time for all activity statements to be issued electronically.

As a result of the changes, Hoffman Kelly recommends that clients diarise the due date of their activity statements instead of relying on paper activity statements as a reminder. In addition, we encourage all business clients to register for the Business Portal (click here), which allows you to view your statement of accounts and lodge activity statements electronically.

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