Tax Ready with #HoffmanKelly:  Extension of the temporary full expensing (TFE) of depreciating assets

Everyone knows the secret to any good tax time is planning. At Hoffman Kelly, we’ve got all the tips on how you can make this tax time a smooth experience. Our third instalment of ‘Tax Ready with Hoffman Kelly’ is all about assets. More specifically, the Temporary Full Expensing (TFE) of depreciating assets. The TFE [...]

Tax Ready with #HoffmanKelly:  Extension of the temporary full expensing (TFE) of depreciating assets2022-05-12T11:25:57+10:00

Tax Ready with #HoffmanKelly: Tax Planning Strategies for Super

While the 30th of June is still a while away, a stress-free tax lodgment is achieved through planning and sound professional advice. In order to help you prepare for the end of the financial year, we planned the series of articles Tax Ready with #HoffmanKelly.  Our second topic for the series Tax Ready with #HoffmanKelly [...]

Tax Ready with #HoffmanKelly: Tax Planning Strategies for Super2022-04-07T09:46:36+10:00

Fringe Benefits Tax (and what changed due to COVID-19)

As the year speeds by and March 31 approaches, employers and business owners need to consider yet another tax. A payment to an employee that is not wages or superannuation, cash or otherwise, will be considered a fringe benefit and subject to ‘Fringe Benefits Tax’ (FBT), unless it is exempt.  That is, 47% (2021) [...]

Fringe Benefits Tax (and what changed due to COVID-19)2021-07-21T16:06:04+10:00

How does my business advisor help with optimal structuring?

Your trusted business advisor is key to ensuring that your business is structured correctly, based on your specific, current needs and future objectives. Optimal structuring means that your business is structured to set you up for success, while managing and mitigating risks where possible. Asset protection is the number one consideration that an experienced business [...]

How does my business advisor help with optimal structuring?2021-02-19T10:16:47+10:00

Welcome To Hoffman Kelly

Welcome to Hoffman Kelly, the ultimate consulting firm in Stones Corner, Brisbane and the surrounding area. As one of the best, it goes without saying that the company offers the most professional business advisory and accounting services. Their expertise covers companies, partnerships, small and medium businesses, trusts, individuals, and self-managed superannuation funds. Main services include: [...]

Welcome To Hoffman Kelly2021-07-21T16:05:04+10:00

Downsizer Contributions

Downsizer Contributions – Get more into super when you sell your home! From 1 July 2018 the ATO introduced the downsizer superannuation contribution. For people who are 65 years or older and meet the eligibility criteria, you can choose to make a contribution up to a maximum of $300,000 (each) into your superannuation from the [...]

Downsizer Contributions2021-01-21T13:28:15+10:00

GST Grouping – Is it a Creditable Decision?

As a business grows new entities are frequently created to perform functions in the business group.  In most cases, these new entities will have associated compliance requirements, which will generally include GST obligations.  The additional compliance requirement for new entities generates administration costs to ensure amounts are correctly reported and remitted to the Australian [...]

GST Grouping – Is it a Creditable Decision?2020-10-27T09:25:18+10:00

Queensland Government – Payroll Tax Relief For Business

The Queensland government yesterday announced a 2.5 billion stimulus measure to provide Queensland businesses some relief from payroll tax. The Office of State Revenue has already commenced sending emails to businesses offering the payroll tax relief which provide detailed instructions on the process to follow to obtain the benefits. The main details of the [...]

Queensland Government – Payroll Tax Relief For Business2020-04-01T11:44:29+10:00

R&D Tax Incentive

The Research & Development Tax Incentive can allow a business to recoup some of the costs incurred during the development phase of eligible activities. This can assist cash-flow throughout the research and development phase, which is often draining on cash-flow. The rules and processes for the R&D tax incentive are based on complex legislation, [...]

R&D Tax Incentive2020-03-03T12:50:10+10:00

Christmas Tips for Small Business

It’s that time of year again – the lead up to Christmas. As the retail shops prepare to bombard us with Christmas trim we look at the ramifications for your business. Here are our top tips for a generous and tax effective Christmas season.  What to do for customers? The most effective way of sharing [...]

Christmas Tips for Small Business2019-11-14T11:27:40+10:00
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