Queensland Stamp Duty Relief for Small Business Restructures

Eligible small businesses can now restructure from trading discretionary trusts to trading companies and are now able to access a stamp duty exemption in Queensland. The relief granted by the new legislation allows flexibility for businesses with less than $5 million turnover to assist management of current or expected compliance issues. Trust structures are useful [...]

Queensland Stamp Duty Relief for Small Business Restructures2021-11-22T13:01:12+10:00

Cash Flow Help for Small Businesses

Cash flow is key for any business.  Without cash, an otherwise successful business will crash and burn.  All businesses need to be able to identify and understand their cash flow and improve it by measuring and forecastingfuture cash flow.  One of the key business advisory services that a business should get from their advisor is [...]

Cash Flow Help for Small Businesses2021-07-21T13:37:59+10:00

Get your Business Finances in Check for 2021 – Here’s How

2020 was a really tough year with plenty of speed bumps, but now is the time to move forward and lay the financial groundwork for a better 2021. Reconsidering business plans that have been affected during such uncertain times is crucial for business growth and to help cash flow. To make it happen, the number [...]

Get your Business Finances in Check for 2021 – Here’s How2021-02-19T10:26:02+10:00

Why Regular Training & Professional Development is Important for Your Business

Without a shadow of a doubt, to retain good staff, every business advisory firm will suggest providing training and professional advancement so employees can succeed in their jobs. Hoffman Kelly, one of the best business advisory and consulting firms in Brisbane and the surrounding area, offers the ultimate in services, including staff development. If employees [...]

Why Regular Training & Professional Development is Important for Your Business2021-02-19T10:23:52+10:00

Project Bank Accounts – Rollout Expanding

The Queensland government has announced the next phase of the rollout of Project Bank Accounts.  Currently the regime applies to building contracts entered into with the Queensland government with a value between $1 million and $10 million. From 1 July 2020, the scheme is expanded to include contracts provided by a hospital or health [...]

Project Bank Accounts – Rollout Expanding2020-02-26T10:08:42+10:00

Director of a company? Beware of additional penalties!

The Treasury Laws Amendment (Combating Illegal Phoenixing) Bill 2019 has been passed in the senate, which can have potential consequences on directors of companies. The bill allows the Commissioner of Taxation to estimate future GST liabilities and make directors personally liable for the debt in certain circumstances. This is the case when the Commissioner [...]

Director of a company? Beware of additional penalties!2020-02-24T11:26:40+10:00

Common Cyber-Risk Misconceptions

Did you know that all directors of Australian companies have a fiduciary duty to ensure a robust approach is taken towards cyber resilience? A breach of such obligations can leave directors potentially exposed to personal liability under section 180 of the Corporations Act. Despite a wealth of information being available on cyber risks, it is [...]

Common Cyber-Risk Misconceptions2019-11-19T08:58:40+10:00

Christmas Tips for Small Business

It’s that time of year again – the lead up to Christmas. As the retail shops prepare to bombard us with Christmas trim we look at the ramifications for your business. Here are our top tips for a generous and tax effective Christmas season.  What to do for customers? The most effective way of sharing [...]

Christmas Tips for Small Business2019-11-14T11:27:40+10:00

Data Matching – When the Clocks Strike Thirteen

Following the introduction of SuperStream on 1 July 2015, the ATO have now rolled out Single Touch Payroll (STP) for all employers, regardless of size, from 1 July 2019. Whilst this places an increased burden on compliance, particularly for very small businesses, many in the industry are more concerned about the information the ATO now [...]

Data Matching – When the Clocks Strike Thirteen2021-08-27T09:45:31+10:00
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