Over the past couple of years, business owners were forced to master extra survival skills to endure the challenges brought by COVID-19. Resilience and adaptability were crucial to navigate commercial, social and economic consequences of lockdowns and social distance restrictions.

Now, what do you do with all those extra abilities? These new competencies acquired can leverage the overall performance of your business and help you reach your goals in 2022. They just need to be nurtured and incorporated into the day to day of your company. 

Make 2022 the year for you and your business—here is How to Achieve your 2022 New Year Resolutions.


It’s Been a Long Journey

From having to adapt an entire business strategy to account for an extended lockdown period to learning how to run a Zoom meeting—in addition to home-schooling our children. Since 2019, you have navigated and endured it all. Therefore, before you do anything else, make sure to pat yourself on the back: your business has made it to 2022!

These challenges have likely made your business stronger and your people more resilient. Nevertheless, often, business owners struggle to apply this problem-solving mindset to their own goals and wound up falling back into old habits. 

Break the Habit
We unpacked some of the most common beliefs, misconceptions, and problems that may get in the way of turning this vicious cycle around. Developing an easy-to-follow action plan of how you are going to achieve those goals and how you are going to measure success is crucial to success.

  • Procrastination

Problem: At the start of the year, you may think, “I have 365 days to work on this”. However, it is important to remember that plans need to have a starting point to show progress. Delay on actions or implementations will definitely lead to another year of unfulfilled goals. 

Solution: There is no perfect time to do something good for your business. No matter what month you are in and how many simultaneous events are taking place, always make the time in your calendar for your goals and strategy implementation. You’ll be amazed to see how working on something for a set and scheduled time can progress your business in the right direction and towards your most desired goals.  

  • Prioritisation

Problem: “I’m just too busy”. You’re likely to be caught up with immediate routine tasks. In order to achieve your goals, you need to prioritise them.

Solution: Stop believing you’ll have the time next week to do something that you have not planned for. Break the cycle by prioritising, blocking out the time and delegating tasks.

Remember, your goal should be to spend less time in the business and more time on the business. To achieve this, analyse your current situation, identify gaps/room for improvement, come up with an action plan and, more importantly, act on it!  

  • Clarity

Problem: “I don’t know where to begin” or “I don’t know what I’m doing wrong”

Solution: Identifying that you lack clarity towards your goals or actions plans is an important step. Look at your goals carefully—are they specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and timely? i.e.SMART?

Finally, your goals should be written down and always in front of you and your leadership team.

  • Accountability 

Problem: Lack of accountability is a common reason for failing to meet your goals. If you or your team don’t do what is expected of them, there are no immediate negative consequences.

Solution: Accountability needs to be incorporated into your business implementation/action plan. Documenting milestones and KPIs, as well as regular check-ins, allow you to navigate your way to a brighter and more prosperous future for you and your business.

  • Expertise

Problem: When ‘business life’ takes over, we understand that achieving that clarity in your goal setting and action plan can be a daunting and time-consuming task.  Turning to an external consultant is often a helpful and more efficient way to progress.  

Solution: Our business advisory team has proven success in helping business owners identify and achieve their goals. We can develop a clear road map to the bigger and better 2022 for you and your business.


Before you even think that you will “do this next week”, remember, it is the most common excuse that has many business owners lagging.  Make the time for what’s important now and reach out to your trusted business advisory team for a no-obligation consultation on 07 3394 2311 or email mail@hoffmankelly.com.au