If you’re an entrepreneur and feel like you’re losing customers to your competition, consider working with a business service company. Business services help companies and organisations focus on their specific goals. These professionals help companies complete tasks that require unique expertise or equipment. If interested in business services, take a look at what Hoffman Kelly has to offer for companies of all sizes.

Service That’s Second to None

Hoffman Kelly offers business services that are second to none. They firmly believe that their dynamic and talented team achieves this. The staff consists of some of the best accounts and consultants in Australia.

When combined with an emphasis on in-depth technical training and development for all professional staff, they are at the cutting edge of providing optimal structuring and tax-effective outcomes for organisations.

Business Advisory

At Hoffman Kelly, they offer business services to advise businesses of all sizes. Their business advisory services are tailored to help you, starting with the maturity and size of the company. Small businesses can get advice on growing their business and how to employ the right people.

Larger businesses can get advice about how to avoid issues that come with growth and other areas like improving customer experience and strategic investments.

The team is also readily available to answer client queries. They take a proactive approach to problem-solving to provide fresh, ongoing advice and recommendations for ensuring continual improvement.

Optimal Structuring

Hoffman Kelly’s business services are also catered to the belief that the consequences of trading through an inappropriate structure can be risky to both the business and the fundamental

financial security of the family.

The company stresses four fundamental objectives needed to achieve the optimal trading structure for any business owner. These include Limited Liability Protection, Asset Protection, Tax Minimisation and Succession Flexibility.

Limited Liability protection refers to the ability to walk away from unsecured creditors in the event

of insolvency. Asset Protection refers to protecting all private equity, including the family home, from trading risks.

Tax Minimisation makes sure that all deductions are claimed, and there’s maximum flexibility in

distributing net profit to low-income beneficiaries. Succession Flexibility ensures maximum

options and minimal tax outcomes when selling, listing or transitioning to the next generation.

Hoffman Kelly’s business services are also highly-specialised in the property and construction sector. All their directors have experience and expert knowledge. This understanding enables them to service all clients, from first-time mom-and-pop developers to more prominent full-scale property developers. They’re also experts in superannuation, financial services, and business insurance! Contact Hoffman Kelly today to start achieving the goals of your company.